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About the Physicians

Steven B. Haas, MD, MPH Steven B. Haas, MD, MPH

Steven B. Haas, MD, MPH received his education and training at the University of Rochester, Cornell, and Harvard. He is Chief of the Knee Service at Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. Haas speaks nationally and internationally on knee and hip topics, and has more than 50 publications in the orthopedic literature.

Dr. Haas developed a ground breaking surgical technique and instrumentation for performing Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement. He has been featured as a developer and expert on Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement on WNBC News and New York 1 television station, and in Runner Magazine, the New York Daily News and the Cleveland Clinic Newsletter.

In July of 2007, Dr. Haas and his Minimally Invasive Knee Replacements were featured in a U.S.News & World Report Photo Essay “To Build a Knee.” CBS News with Katie Couric featured a segment focusing on Dr. Haas that discussed High Performance knee replacement in October 2007. Additionally, Dr. Haas has appeared on WABC News and in U.S.News & World Report as an expert on gender knee replacement. Dr. Haas holds two United States patents for orthopedic devices that he co-developed with Hospital for Special Surgery.


Dr. Mayman David J. Mayman, MD

Dr. David Mayman is one of a handful of national experts in computer navigation in hip and knee replacement surgery. He performs over 200 computer-navigated joint replacement surgeries a year. “I believe that in the future all joint replacement will be done with better tools," he says. "Computer guides give more consistent alignment, with no bigger incision.”

Dr. Mayman studied human kinesiology in his native Canada, and trained in orthopedic sports medicine as well as joint-replacement surgery. His typical patient is an active 40-60 year old with an arthritic or pre-arthritic condition of the hip or knee, who wants to get back to previous activities - not just walk around the block. Whatever the patient’s age, Dr. Mayman is concerned with getting people back to their lives through minimally invasive

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