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Sky News UK features Blackburn Royal Infirmary Coblation Webcast

Jessica MacNeal tucks into some toast after her op
View Sky News Mike McCarthy's report

A surgeon has removed the tonsils of a seven-year-old girl live on the internet.

Jessica McNeal, from Shadsworth in Blackburn, Lancashire, had her tonsils removed at Blackburn Royal Infirmary in a controversial new procedure.

Consultant surgeon Michael Timms used a controversial new procedure, a coblation tonsillectomy, which is said to be less painful for the patient and shorten recovery time.

The operation took only 15 minutes and Jessica was up in her hospital bed eating toast less than two hours later.

Mother Sharon McNeal, 31, said: "I feel happy for Jessica. She is wide awake, drinking and smiling.

"It is brilliant. Nobody should be concerned about this operation."

Mr Timms, of the East Lancashire NHS Trust, has pioneered the operation since 2000.

He said: "The old method was cut and burn. There was a lot of blood and it was very painful for the patient.

"This procedure is done by electronically turning salt water into a plasma cloud and it is that which dissolves the tissue.

"The operation was done live because we live in the modern age and patients are becoming more educated and are entitled to have their say.

"This is a controversial technique and although it works well for some surgeons, it doesn't for others.

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