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Rocky Mountain News reports: Bellybutton as viewfinder: surgery educates via Web

Reported by Bill Scanlon, Rocky Mountain News
Doctors from 36 countries peered inside James White's bellybutton Thursday.

The 13-year-old Highlands Ranch youth underwent a procedure to alleviate the backflow of acid from his stomach into his esophagus.

The operation was filmed from an operating room at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver and sent via the Internet to doctors' computers around the world.

The procedure was the first noninvasive pediatric procedure ever webcast, hospital spokesman George Abbott said.

Dr. Steve Rothenberg, chief of pediatric surgery at the Mother and Child Hospital at St. Luke's, said he's done about 1,500 of the surgeries but was eager to spread information on the technique around the world.

Severe acid reflux is quite common among children and underdiagnosed, Rothenberg said.

If babies have it, it causes problems with the lungs, keeping them from eating and growing well.

St. Luke's treats it aggressively to get the children out of the hospital, preserve lung function, alleviate asthma and avoid eating disorders.

"It used to be, you didn't want to operate on them because it required a big, open incision, maybe 5 inches wide," Rothenberg said. "It was very painful, and they couldn't breathe well afterward. There was a high incidence of lung infection."

But the new laproscopic procedure requires just a quarter-inch incision in the navel for the camera and four other quarter-inch incisions up the thorax for the instruments.

"Two days later, they're out playing soccer again."

Teaming with the St. Luke's surgery team was Karl Storz Endoscopy America, which provides high-tech operating rooms, and slp3D, Inc., which provides live surgical video.

They brought in plasma TVs and smaller TVs to share space in the operating room with the usual assortment of high-tech instruments.

Viewers saw what the surgeon saw - the tissue and the blood - but also got the image of the entire room from a different camera.

Doctors from around the world e-mailed questions, which Rothenberg answered in real time, his words typed and transmitted back over the Internet.

St. Luke's will have two more -webcasts this fall as part of its mission as a major education-oriented medical center, Abbott said.

"This kind of technique will enable medical centers like ours to to bring advances in medical techniques to others more quickly," Abbott said.

The webcasts are available to all through

"Eventually, we hope to do this on a weekly or even daily basis," Rothenberg said. "We'll put out a Web alert, people can sign up and watch it, ask questions. It increases our educational mission."

James liked the idea of being one of the first to have his surgery webcast, said P/SL spokeswoman Gayle Davis: "He plans to bring a tape of his surgery to science class for a modern-century show-and-tell. We've gone from Tinker Toys to 'Watch my Surgery.' "

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