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Embolization of AMPLATZER® Atrial Occluder Devices:Embolization of AMPLATZER® Atrial Occluder Devices:

Transcatheter devices to close structural heart defects including Atrial Septal Defects (ASDs) have provided a widespread alternative to surgery. Current devices such as the AMPLATZER® Septal Occluder and AMPLATZER Cribriform Occluder have high rates of technical success. However, the embolization of a device is still a possibility. Embolization may be avoided in most situations by recognizing potential features that increase the risk. If a device does embolize, it is still possible to successfully retrieve the device percutaneously by having a few tools at the ready. Dr. Zahid Amin will discuss these techniques and show several cases including successful device retrieval.

This webinar program will include:
  • Anatomical features or types of defects which may suggest that embolization risk is high
  • What to do once an embolization has occurred: cath lab retrieval or surgery
  • What you should have in your cath lab supply to deal with embolization situations
  • Case study examples of several different scenarios

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