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Radical Prostatectomy by Robotic Surgery

Replay of: Revolutionary Treatment for patients with prostate cancer

First Seen: May 17, 2004 6:00 pm EDT (22:00 UTC)

  Robotic Surgery

Hartford, CT – The removal of a cancerous prostate, involving delicate surgery in a region of the body where tiny but very important nerves are located, is cause for much concern for men who face such procedures. In recent years, the development of minimally invasive surgery for prostate cancer has meant speedier recovery times for most patients.

Now, with the advent of amazing new robotic surgery, the science of prostate surgery has entered a new era. The da Vinci system eliminates the telegraphing of even the tiniest tremors in a physician's hands, and so far is promising to prevent or lessen many of the more troubling complications.

  Robotic Surgery

Dr. Joseph Wagner has brought this remarkable new technique to the only hospital in Connecticut performing robotic surgery, and has been joined by his colleagues in the Connecticut Surgical Group, Drs. Steve Shichman and Vincent Laudone, who are also performing this promising new procedure.

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