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Anterior Cervical Fusion

An Outpatient Surgical Treatment to Relieve Pressure on the Spinal Cord
May 4, 2006 at 4:00 PM CDT
(21:00 UTC)
From Aurora BayCare Medical Center, Green Bay, WI

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Green Bay, WI - Anterior cervical fusion is a surgical treatment performed on the upper spine to relieve pressure on one or more nerve roots, or on the spinal cord. This pressure can be caused by the rupture of an intervertebral disc or by bony overgrowth associated with arthritic changes. When these conditions develop in the cervical spine, they can put pressure on one or more nerve roots that provide motion and sensation to the arms which can then cause pain, weakness and numbness in the neck and or arms.

With our procedure, most patients are able to return to normal, but non-vigorous activities, within a few days (24-72) hours – including employment for those people who don't do heavy labor.

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